Energise is an annual youth dance platform, created with the ethos of providing a professional level platform for local children to have the chance to perform. Energises last performance brought together 21 groups, 247 performers, 450+ audience members over two shows and groups from across the whole of East Anglia. For more details on buying tickets for the next Energise or for more information on Energise and your youth dance group to be involved with our next platform, all the information is below.  



Energise was created in 2008 by April Martin and brought together a small selection of local youth groups. Each year it has continued to grow allowing more groups and dancers the chance to perform. Energise is about allowing as many dancers the chance to perform in a friendly, family show offering a wide variety of styles, we have performers getting their first taste of performing to young adults going onto their professional training.  Energises is brought to you with the help of April Martin, Jack Stinton and Phoebe Monk. We work all year round to develop and make Energise as enjoyable and as positive experience as possible.


Apply for Energise

To apply to be part of Energise 2019 please email energisedance@gmail.com please note there is a limited number of performances slots available over the day. To upload or find any of the documents required for your group to perform at Energise please follow this link Click Here


BUy tickets for energise


Please follow the above link to book tickets for the next Energise performance. Please make sure you book for the correct show either the afternoon or evening show. Tickets will sell out so please make sure you book for the correct show, we won't be able to exchange tickets for other shows.