Education is a key part of Jack Stinton Dance Company. From delivering one off workshops to creative projects or offering single after school class programs to youth dance classes or open professional classes. JSDC has experience in bringing highly detailed and personalised education work to your setting. To view our full class schedule or current offers scrolling down, you can also view a full break down of our education packages for your setting, please click here.

 Open Class Schedule


 These classes are run by Jack, they are open to the age ranges detailed next to them, it also gives a brief description of what each class entails. All classes get the chance to perform several times a year. If you would like any more details or to book onto any of these classes please contact Jack on

For more up to date information please check the company’s Facebook page. Please note that this timetable doesn't include any of the sessions linked to the Primary or Secondary schools JSDC are currently teaching in, for more details about those, please contact JSDC or your school directly.


Style: Contemporary

Venue: Cottenham Village College - Dance Studio

Time: 5.30 – 6.30pm

Age: 13+

Start Date: Monday 9th September

 This class is designed to help develop students technical abilities. Each half term will focus on a specific techniques, from Graham, Cunningham to Release. The group will also learn repertoire from companies that use these techniques. This group will specifically help students that are taking or hoping to take GCSE, BTEC or RSL dance courses.


Academy Contemporary

Style: Contemporary 

Venue: SJ School of Dance/St Neots

Time: 8.00 - 9.00pm

Age: 11+

Start Date: Thursday 12th September

Please visit for further information


Style: Junior Street Dance 

Venue: Cottenham Village College - Dance Studio

Time: 5.30 - 6.30pm 

Age: 6-11

Start Date: Friday 13th September

 An open class for all interested in learning street dance! This class will learn routines and get the chance to perform several times a year. Students will learn the basics of street dance and get a chance to choreograph and perform their own routines.


Junior Scambs 

Style: Contemporary/Creative

Venue: Cottenham Village College - Dance Studio

Time: 9.45 - 10.45

Age: Year 2 - Year 6

Start Date: Saturday 7th September

Junior Scambs are our junior performance company. They focus on learning contemporary dance and contemporary creative techniques. They learn how to create their own routines and develop performance skills. This group perform several times across the school year. No audition is required.


Style: Contemporary

Venue: Cottenham Village College - Dance Studio

Time: 11.00 – 12.00pm

Age: Year 7 +

Start Date: Saturday 7th September

Scambs are our most senior performance company. This group has a strong focus on contemporary technique and performance ability. Each term we develop new performance pieces to take out to youth dance platforms. Each class focuses on technique, creative skills and performance skills. No audition is required.


All classes are payable per half term/full term

 Classes costs £5.

Your first class will always be free. When you attend any of JSDC’s classes your first time at this class will be free to see if you enjoy it and get to know some of the students there.

A 10% discount applies when siblings are in the same class or you attend two or more classes. This discount is applied off of the total fee.

You can pay via cash, cheque or card, we accept all major cards, as well as apple pay. If you wish to pay by bacs please contact us for the details. All cheques are to be made payable to Jack Stinton Dance Company


My own personal aim with our education work is to offer the same chance that was offered to me. An opportunity to explore movement and spark something deep within our students that has developed into my passion in life
— Jack Stinton

Below is an outline of the work that we currently offer through the company. For more detailed information and to discuss what we can offer you please contact Jack at

  • OutReach Education - This program is where we offer any number of classes and any number of styles to your school. These sessions can be after or before school. Within schools we currently offer Contemporary, Street and Ballet classes. We are able to offer many other classes including Yoga, Jazz, Hip Hop, Ball Room, Commercial and Musical Theatre; other styles are always being added as our team of teachers is always expanding. 

  • Primary Education - Recent schools include Thorndown, Over and Willingham. These projects can range in time and length and can deliver a variety of content. Recent projects include World War 2, Chocolate and Egypt. Within these projects we offer a warm up, which improves technique and stamina; a section of choreographed material created by Jack and a chance to create and develop their own dance routines, helping improve creativity and offering a chance for the students to explore topics in a different fashion. We also offer projects to help develop primary school teachers confidence in teaching dance. We do this by providing full lesson plans which cover everything that is taught, as the teachers watch and take part in sessions they are asked to have a more active role and in the final session is led by the class tutor. Feedback is then provided to help develop and improve teachers confidence within teaching dance. Along with this we are also able to offer the ARTS AWARD scheme please download the pack for more details. Full lesson plans and feedback are provided at the end of the project, but must be requested before the start of the project.

  • Secondary, 6th form and University Education - Recent secondary and 6th form schools include Caister Academy, Stour Valley Community School, Swavesey Village College and Impington Village College. These projects included technique and creative improvisation sessions and creating a piece for BTEC assessments. The technique classes are focused on contemporary technique, looking mainly at Cunningham, Graham and Release. The creative sessions are built to improve confidence in improvisation, solo creation and group created work, helping develop and improve the students ability to create more diverse work. Performance pieces are able to be created on a stimulus provided by the school or by JSDC. Along with this we are also able to offer the ARTS AWARD scheme please download the pack for more details. Full lesson plans are provided after the project is complete.

  • Special Commissions - Recent groups include Scambs and Cambridge Contemporary Dance. Specially commissioned works can range from youth group works, working over several weekends to create a performance piece for a special one off youth platform or performance, to semi professional companies running regular technique classes and auditions, to creating full length works for the company.

To book onto any of our packages please contact Jack directly at