Here you are able to view JSDCs past and present works and learn a little bit about them. If you want to view the performance you are able to click on the title of each piece and it will take you directly to the piece on our Youtube channel.




Covfefe explores the world of social media and the impact that influencers can have in spreading ‘fake news’ and miscommunicating their ideas and the work that goes into maintaining or spreading their specific agenda. Covfefe looks at the damage that this can have and the inherent struggle others face in trying to disprove this agenda.

Cofveve has been created with Kirsty Smillie and Oli Bell. With special thanks to Over Primary School, Cottenham Village College, LadyBird Borland Dance Studio and SJ School of Dance for their studio use.

Cast: Kirsty Smillie and Jack Stinton

Man Up


Man Up

Man Up has been created in response to the phrase toxic masculinity. It is a mix of both personal and research based exploration, looking at my own story of experiences I have had from when I was growing up and the ways that has effected me to looking at and drawing on other peoples stories and the impact it has had on their own life and others around them. 

Man Up is supported by All In Productions and the Garage. Its score is specially commissioned by Oli Bell. We would like to thank each of them for their support in developing Man Up 

Man Up has toured around Norwich, Ely and Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Cast: Jack Stinton

First Dates


First Dates

First dates, is a piece that takes inspiration from a wide selection of other peoples real first date experiences and mixes it into a light hearted performance that anyone is able to draw a memory of a funny experience from. The performance has taken place in many venues from coffee shops, to foyers of theatres and on stage. 

First Dates was originally created back in March and April of 2016, commissioned by the Junction. It was performed first at the Junction on the 4th of April, then continued to tour Cambridgeshire for the rest of the month.

First ‘digital’ Dates

It was developed in June and July 2017 to be specially performed for a charity performance in support of Young Minds UK, alongside Vital Spark Theatre. 

Cast: Beth Farrow and Jack Stinton



TheorY (Full)

"Why are we bound by our inhibitions"

Theory explores the everyday boundaries within modern life. Theory explores both the physical and the mental. It asks questions about being bound by inhibitions, how much control we have in life, how much society dictates the way in which we act. 

Theory was specially commissioned for a one off performance on the 20th of January at Resolution. The piece had a developed text created in partnership with the dancers and edited with support from Rebecca Broadley. It had a newly composed score by Oli Bell. It was created with support from Cambridge Junction and Daniel Pitt. 

The review from the evening can be read here

Cast: Claire Burrell and Christian Brinklow



Theory (Short)

Theory explores the everyday boundaries within modern life. Theory explores both the physical and the mental. It asks questions about being bound by inhibitions, how much control we have in life, how much society dictates the way in which we act. 

Theory was first performed in Leeds on the 6th of June as part of the Insights festival and the Northern School of Contemporary Dance. It went onto be performed as headline act at Cambridge Arts Festival and then its final performance was on the 27th of June at Motus festival at Milton Keynes. Theory was then performed in the Autumn at the first Innovations platform in Chester in partnership with Flash in the Attic Dance. 

Theory was created with the support from Dance Studio Leeds. The text was created and developed with the support of Rebecca Broadley. 

Cast 1: Sally Bower and Christian Brinklow

Cast 2: Christian Brinklow and Jack Stinton




Unfinished is a solo performance, created especially for film drawing inspiration from its surroundings. The film looks at the decaying nature of the buildings used as a setting and exploring the decay of personal relationships.

The film is part of a series of films JSDC are consistently developing.

The film premiered at Energise 2014 at Swavesey Village College.

Cast: Claire Burrell 




Habitudinem explores the final moments within a relationship. It is an intimate look at a couples final moments as they realise their relationship is ending. The piece takes personal experiences from each dancer to influence the choreography and develop the feeling of looking in on a real relationship. 

The piece was first performed at Emerge 13! It was part of a festival in the East of England showcasing new and emerging talent in all fields of live performance. It continued to be performed around Cambridgeshire for the Spring and Summer. Its final performance was at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival performing over two nights as part of the Insights festival. 

Habitudinem has a score specially created by musician Blake Harrison.

Cast: Christian Brinklow and Laura Miller

No Chance of Esacpe


No Chance of Escape

No Chance of Escape, a piece exploring the human reaction of Fight or Flight. The piece explores the dancers and my own experiences with this response.

There are two version the first was a short 5 minute R&D piece. The second version is a 13 minute piece commissioned specially by Artist North with National Lottery funding. The second performance had a female cast that performed at the Camden Fringe festival.

No Chance of Escape toured around Leeds, performing at Friday First. London, as part of the Camden Fringe Festival as part Insights. Newcastle performing as part of Fresh! Also performing several times around Cambridgeshire.

Cast 1: Ben Skinner, Jason Boyle and Christian Brinklow

Cast 2: Christian Brinklow, Jack Wignall and Lewis Bramble

Cast 3: Aria Jacobs, Jamie Thompson and Rachael O'Neil 

Talk To Me


Talk To Me

Talk To Me is a piece inspired by a John Cage score 'Solo for Voice 46.' The only instruction on the score, 'Prepare something to eat.' The piece then focused on a personal journey with food, taking stories from my childhood, leaving home and the pressures placed within professional training. The piece features text written by Robyn Law. 

Talk To Me toured around Leeds, York, Cambridge and Newcastle in 2012.

Cast: Christian Brinklow