New Website, New Year and New Things!

Welcome to my first blog entry! Welcome to 2014! And most importantly welcome to the new website! 

So here is my first bog... wish me luck!

Welcome to the blog! My name is Jack Stinton and I am the artistic director and choreographer for JSDC. The purpose of the blog will be to introduce myself, keep you up to date with all aspects of the company, so bringing you the latest information on auditions, performances, workshops and job vacancies. Plus having an open forum to discuss ideas and thoughts on all things dance.

The plan for the blog will to bring an update once a week. Hopefully every Sunday with new insights and developments for the company. In January the plan will be to bring you a new performance piece, specially created for film; The Habitudinem performance from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Then I'll bring you new details about our new project and how to audition, open classes we shall be running alongside the new work and details about the work. 

During the course of the year I shall invite guest writers to also add to the blog. We shall have guest teachers discussing their time with the company and have the company dancers talking about their experiences when creating and performing our new work and touring.

I will introduce more about the company, our mission and goals for the year as the blog develops and I get personally better at writing these blogs! 

Enjoy looking around the new website, enjoy watching the company works! I look forward to getting the views on the new works and this blog! 

Thank you and see you next week! 


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