Paperwork, returning to NSCD and everything else!

So I have a bit of an apology to make, I was meant to be doing this every week! However the joys of tax returns and lesson plans and deadlines for performance applications took over! So, I am going to try and keep up with it from now on! I have plans for the next three weeks of blogs, so that's a good start!

So, first I have one piece of advice to everyone reading, from now on do your taxes in April when you get sent the letter! Get it done, get it out the way, leaving until the 31st of January, isn't fun!  

The blog is now informative, fun and full of useful tips!  

Thats enough about paperwork, lets talk dance! At the very end of January I was asked to go back to NSCD and be part of Net Night. To be part of a discussion panel to talk about what its like being a recent graduate and offering some advice to all that are about to graduate into the world of Contemporary Dance. 

It was an incredible evening of seeing old friends and teachers back at NSCD. The evening was well run and the diversity of work on display was a testament to the direction that NSCD is going in now. As I said I was up there to be part of a panel to discuss being a graduate, although speaking on stage and text in pieces is something I enjoy, speaking in public is something I still haven't got used to yet! The panel was diverse and the audience received a ranged and varied set of experiences, that will hopefully have provided some reassurance that it's possible to make it in the dance world. 

The best bit for me was, discussing a group of year 3/4 students that I had recently been working with, and the simple joy and pleasure that watching that group begin to demonstrate the understanding of how to do a roll down with the top of the heading leading through the spine. It's the simple things as a teacher that make it worth while! 

So what has been happening since? The first is the new piece and the R&D phase we had with that, there will also be some big announcements attached with this blog when it is released. The next was the youth dance platform Energise! Again I shall cover this in a separate blog there will also be a lot of attachments as some of the performances are online. 

We have also got new projects available to take part in, both for children and hopefully the possibility of new adult professional classes, as well as a new two day summer intensive workshop with the company. More details will be following in the next few weeks. Which means more developments to the website! Keep an eye out!!

I have also been working with DanceEast recently helping provide their Centre for Advanced Training workshops, in and around Suffolk. These workshops are aimed at students from year 6 up to year 10. And the main aim is to encourage as many students as possible to audition for the CAT scheme at DanceEast. 

There has been many other things happening and new things developing that haven't been discussed yet but I will be keeping up with the blogs more now! So more shall be told soon! 



It felt great to walk back into NSCD, a massive thanks also to Esther and Tracy for making me feel really welcome and sorting out everything for myself and all the othe panelist. 

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