But is it all in the Mind?

Welcome Back! 

Welcome to a new school year and new season of performances! And most importantly new additions! The title of the blog is a quote from Theory just incase you didn't get a chance to see it!

As you have probably seen by now JSDC are delighted to announce the appointment of Sal Bower to the role of Head of Education. Sal has been with the company since her role in Theory and helped deliver our successful program of education workshops based on that tour. Sals role will be to help bring and deliver more education work and help develop our growing outreach program. On top of this Sal will continue to perform for the company. Sal will have roles in delivering all our current packages as well as helping to create new ones. She will also aim to create and develop relationships within new schools as JSDC continue to expand around Cambridgeshire, if you want to get in touch with Sal to discuss working with the company please contact her at sally@jackstintondancecompany.com. Best thing to know about Sal... is she likes her coffee! She makes a brilliant cup (very helpful in the office) but she drinks cups of it a day! 

Summer Holidays! A time for rest, relaxation and reflection. No rest for the wicked, the company have continued to develop new relationship with schools and partnerships in the local areas. Look out for work partnered with SJ school of Dance and Swavesey Action for Youth! Other new classes can be found on the Education page of the company. The website has had a slight redesign and update, hopefully bringing clearer and more detailed information.  As well as now showcasing more photos from the recent tour of Theory. 

Reflection! A minute to reflect on Theory... What an incredible process. What a challenging process as well. I loved every second of it, the way the company came alive seeing the reaction, the connectivity, the response with the online and the live audience as we were sharing, developing and performing the work. The process, the family nature that we developed within the studio that closeness, understanding, trust that whatever came out was right. The times when emotions took over and developed something totally unexpected. I had an idea for how the piece would look when I started this process back in January, what we ended up creating was beyond even my biggest dreams for this piece. I want to say another thank you to all the team who worked creatively and supportively on this piece it was a real team effort to bring Theory to the stage.

What next... Although I currently can't discuss anything in any great length, there are plans for an extended piece of work, during the process we created over 100 pages of text and over 2 hours worth of movement. Plus we have all the work in progress feedback to take into account and my own plans too! There is plenty left to come from Theory. There are also several performances in the pipeline that will hopefully be revealed by the end of September. 

I will leave you with one of my favourite quotes from the voiceover work and until my next blog (I will try to make them more regular!)

Why should we be ashamed of wanting to express? 





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