The start of JSP!

Photography and videography! This is something I have been incredibly interested in for over 7 years now. I started photography as a way to make some extra money while I was still at Northern. I started at the end of my second year as a nightlife photographer working in the clubs. It was a great job and I worked with many different event companies over my 4 year time as a nightlife photographer in Leeds and Cambridgeshire. I also realise writing this I haven’t spoken much about my time at Northern yet, that will be another blog post in the future. 

So, while I was studying and building my skill with taking general portrait photography. I began to capture rehearsals and performances at Northern as well. I really enjoy trying to capture the movement of dance within photography. There is a huge back catalogue of images from my time at Northern some of my favourites include getting to capture a workshop with Hofesh and the second years were participating in (I was third year at the time) and also getting to photography our third year rehearsal period. I will have to share some of these sometime soon. 

After I left Northern, I begun to photography the company performance and teaching events. This has developed over the years and almost all the photography and videography you see on the site I have taken myself. The few images that aren’t should have the tags for their respective photographers. As you possibly have seen the website has been completely redesigned so a few tags might still be missing at the moment. I have been lucky enough to photography some large scale performances, my most recent one was the Over players pantomime, Cinderella. A lot of images are on Instagram but I will be sharing some of my favourites over the next few posts as well. 

Videography has been something I have developed alongside with the photography. I first started just capturing rehearsals and a few of the companies performances as my interest in videography developed I began to expand my equipment to be able to do more for the company. In 2014 I was first asked to record a dance schools production I had been working with since graduating, it was a rather daunting moment, but at the end of it, I really enjoyed it. It was something I started to look into more and develop my skills in editing and production of DVDs. This is something I am still learning and loving to learn more of, I had experience from my time at 6th form as I studied media studies. My most important thing is that it is still trying to capture the movement within the dance or show. I am now running a three camera set up and editing and producing DVDs within a two week turn around. I truly love having fun in the editing suite, hence why I have set up Jack Stinton Productions. More about what the packages we offer contain is on the productions page. 

I hope you enjoyed a quick look at what and how I started photography and why I have decided to start JSP. 

See you all next week!  


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