Writers block

Lets start with some exciting news. Our end of year JSDC showcase will be on Saturday, 30th of June! This will be a showcase of all our youth groups hard work from across the year, giving them a chance to perform the new pieces of work we have been creating since Energise. This will be our 4th end of year showcase and the biggest one yet. We have some new youth groups joining us this year, so we will be looking forward to giving them there first chance to perform at our end of year show. 

There will also be an incredibly exciting performance of something we have been working on and  a sneak peak before an evening of our work in the coming months and before something even more exciting the month after! Argh I wish I could say more. Far too many emails flying around at the moment meaning cryptic moments here! But it will be very exciting times over the Summer. 

More exciting news. Summer School, we will hopefully, in next weeks blog, be able to give out the dates for this years Summer workshops. Our Summer School programme has grown so much since it begun, this years set of workshops will be even bigger. Last years workshops were fully booked, so if you are interested, please make sure you book early to avoid disappointment. 

We have also made some new additions to the equipment we are using to shoot and produce our DVDs with, these aren't to exciting to many people but to me new tech is always a win! We have expanded the range of cameras we use and also offering a new addition to the finished product we offer. Our instagram page will have images of the new equipment in action soon! This weeks photo is an image from last years final day sharing!

Our t-shirts have arrived! They're truly awesome, I know, I am biased, but they rock, a couple of the classes I teach got to see them over the weekend and the groups were all very excited to see them and wanted to get their hands on them. I will be handing out order forms to the classes I teach after the Easter break and I will also try to figure out how to do online orders from the website and see if that works! 

So why the title, I was sat earlier today going I have no idea what to say, what to write, I had no idea about what music to write about or where to start talking about the Panto, I need to still talk about that! Its like choreographers block sat in a studio going... doodling in your note book... not a clue where the next movement is coming from and then you just stick the music on and start rolling around just moving and then all of a sudden you're deep in an improv session and answered all the questions and quickly jot everything down, trying to remember everything that just happened. Thats how this blog happened too, sat at the computer, music on, started typing, hey presto, this weeks blog!

See you all next week!  

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