Madness has begun

In our last blog I was saying about how much fun I was having writing these weekly blogs, even having two on the go and then I go and miss four in a row! Where did I go then... as you have hopefully seen by now JSDC is going back on tour! We currently have only announced three of these dates, but the excitement was getting too much and with our first performance only 3 weeks away... small amount of panic sets in... it was time to get the information out! 

I wrote this next bit about ten times and every time it jumped around so much, it was impossible to follow! So, what I will do is discuss each performance over the next couple of blog posts, taking you through the whole process, discussing about the venues, who's performing, when we are performing, who we're working with, explaining the pieces we are performing, how to go about booking tickets and what you can do to get involved!

Friday 1st of June 2018. We will be presenting Man Up (current working title) at The Garage in Norwich. This performance is a scratch night, so, JSDC will be sharing the stage with four other companies, these will be Hocus Pocus Theatre, Creative Working Lives & Katie-anna Whiting. Tickets cost £5 each and after the show there will be a Q&A with all the artists where we can all receive valuable feedback. The feedback for all artists is always important, so if you're able to come along to this showcase and have a discussion, please do. As this will be the first time presenting Man Up, receiving feedback on what works, what didn't, what confused, what was clear, developments, new ideas, thoughts, feelings, anything from an audiences point of view at this early stage of the work is always beneficial and I will have my Star Wars notebook ready to receive your comments!

The link to the theatres website to book tickets is below or you can call 01603 598646 we will also be creating event pages for this performance, so if you think you might have some friends or family that might enjoy a varied evening of theatre, dance, circus and anything else in-between please share with them and book!

Man Up is our first new professional work in two years. The work will be exploring the themes around toxic masculinity and the issue that comments like 'real boys don't cry' or 'you're so sensitive' can cause in life at any stage and how these manifest themselves in a number of different ways. I am really lucky to have an incredible musician working with me on this project. Oli has been producing music for many years and creating it for even longer, as you might have seen we had a production meeting on Tuesday that allowed both of us to bring all our ideas to the table and talk about experiences we have both had around the topic and how this can influence the final product that we are aiming to deliver! We also discussed grander plans of what we would like to achieve, if we choose to apply for funding and the ideas that not having time/money limits! 

So, that is a quick look at the first performance that we have up and coming please begin to book tickets as your support will be incredible! I also have to take a second to say a massive congratulations and well done to April Burgess Martin School of Ballet, that held their annual ballet performance yesterday, it was an incredible day and brilliant performance from the 100+ students that performed. Yesterday we were there to help support in the running of the show by running the tech box and also recording the production for DVDs. We have started going through the footage today and it looks brilliant! 

See you all next week! We shall be looking at our second performance and discussing our first rehearsal for Man Up! 

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