Day 2

Super busy week this week! First things first Tour Ticket Time, below are all the links to book tickets for our Summer Tour dates. Our first show is this Friday (1st of June) in Norwich at The Garage. If you have booked tickets for this coming Friday let us know, we have seen a few people have booked their tickets already, so much sure you get yours soon!

The Garage, Norwich, 1st of June -

Babylon Gallery, Ely, 6th of July -

Forest Theatre, Edinburgh Fringe, 21st - 25th of Aug - 

Day 2 in the studio, there were several key points to hit after last weeks first session. The first was finishing the first section, alongside that was getting to play with the new version of the music Oli had created. Next was to develop the research for section 2 and section 3, deciding which aspects to focus on and develop further and also have a play around with the music and movement as a whole piece which was incredibly exciting. The first task was the most challenging, I spoke about it last week but the process of watching and feeding back to myself, is still incredibly new and a real challenge. So the challenge was to develop the movement further and make it fit with the new changes to the music, being honest, it went well! The changes we made to the music and the simple way chance can change the meaning and develop movement is brilliant (so to all my RSL course students reading this, make sure you're using chance!). The first section felt really complete and full, movement wise there are still aspects to push and develop more but as a rough draft for a performance on Friday I am happy! 

Development of research for section 2 and 3, this was tough, section 2 is going to be a very physically challenging part of the piece. I won't give it away yet as I'm not fully sure where it is going, but from the research and the ideas that I have begun to sketch out it will be fun to perform. Section 3 is a moment of calm after what feels like 10 minutes of madness. This research was a lot easier to find and get into, as it will be based around duets, so its quite fun playing around with duet movement by myself. This week I was also teaching at Caister Academy and helping the year 10 students to develop their choreographic pieces and we were going back through all the research for Theory. I had to dig out all the research which was 2 folders, 2 notebooks and one giant mind map! It was such fun looking back on what was nearly 5 years of R&D into a piece. I am looking forward to adding to the piece and that amount of research over the summer for the new tour! 

Music, I had another really successful meeting with Oli this week, we got through a lot of the music and now that I have played each section we will come together early next week to bring it all together to have a first draft ready for Friday. He has a really cool Insta page (gcrims) where he is showing some of the awesome ways he is creating sound. There has also been some very exciting conversation about future collaborations that could use those skills to the fullest! 

Next week, next week is half term! So I am in the studio every day this week creating the full piece. I will also have two super secret meetings and then also be performing on Friday! Please book your tickets for Friday as your support will be incredibly appreciated! 

Keep an eye on our instagram page to see what we have been up too! 

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