Has been personally a huge part of my life since I was young, my parents have always had a massive and varied collection of muic that I have listened to some I love, some less so. Personally I would say (like a lot of people) I have a varied and open music taste. Teaching, my taste expands further. I will look to do this once a month or maybe once every two months, but give a quick overview of an album or artist of a couple of albums or tracks, Hofesh did it recently and that seemed to go down well, so I thought I would add to the conversation! 


This artist is really new too me, only having discovered them over the Summer Holidays, they have been an absolute dream to teach with. They are from San Francisco and first released music back in 2004. The album that I have been working with most is Awake, this album has everything. Fast and slow tempos, changes in rhythm minimalist tracks and really full sounding tracks. The album has 8 tracks but a few of my favourites are Plains this is such an open track that can be used for stretching or a slow Cunningham/expressive routine. A great travelling track that I always use is the track before it called Spectre, It really is a big track that I have always found helps students get deep into their movement and enjoy the travelling routines in class. The final track is Montana track 2 on the album. This track again has everything, it can be used as a calm track teaching students to follow different beats or can be used to have a really chunky Centre phrase! 

I feel I should say, this is my own opinion and haven’t been paid or offered anything to say this, I just really enjoy this album and the kids that have used it have done too! Next week is Energise 2018 I will get a post out on Sunday, it might be really short and filled with pictures but it will be there!

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