Energise 2018

What can I say... 

I am truly humbled by the responses and feedback I have received from Energise yesterday. We brought together around 300 students from all across the Eastern Region and gave them the chance to perform at Energise. We had small primary school groups of 6 children having so much fun to performers about to embark on their professional training and full youth companies with 30+ dancers. 

This blog post won't be a full in-depth review of Energise yet, I will do one one day when I am a little bit more awake! But here are a few photos I took during the day. The main photo is taken from the curtain call during each show, it was a quick moment but as a teacher and organiser it just makes me smile, seeing all the students we have brought together being celebrated by the audience.

I have said many thank you's, but I am going to say it once more. Thank you to all the performers for committing so well to their individual performances, to the choreographers, teacher and chaperones for supporting and bringing their work to the stage, to the production team that have helped support me, JSDC and Energise, thank you. Energise 2019 has already begun preparation with new and improved systems that no one will ever really see, but will allow us to focus more on delivering a smoother show experience for all. 

See you all at Energise 2019! 

Jack StintonComment