Logo and a regular update

They're very pretty if I do say so myself! Hopefully you can see them, if not head to our instagram page! I have been working on these for ages and I'm happy to share that, Photoshop is something I am self taught with and something I learn as I go. The old logo with the circle around the outside was always slightly off and I could never figure out why. Needless to say I did some research and found the answer. It was so simple I can't believe I missed it, there was one button that basically makes circles and keeps them circular, it was a great moment but I couldn't believe I had missed it for so long!

So what does the new logo entail? A lot of things, JSDC have been working on a few different merchandise plans for quite a few years now. One of the big things that a lot of the students we teach have asked for is t-shirts. The designs for the logo have already been sent to the printers I use, so hopefully over the next few weeks i'll be able to share these with you and we will be able to have some truly awesome new t-shirts for our end of year showcase! Other ideas, other items of clothing, stickers, badges and phone cases. Ok, maybe the phone case will only be for me but if you reading have any ideas for more merchandise that would be of interest, please let me know and I will look into it.

This week has been a normal week. Our in school teaching programmes have been running along with our outreach and after school programmes. We also completed a new set of training for chaperoning children around performances. So, If you are interested in joining any of our classes now is a great time as we will begin over the next few weeks, to work towards our next set of performances. Everyones first session at any of the JSDC classes are free, so why not take a look at our education page and come join one of our classes. Adults I know you're keen to get a class going again... I have some exciting news coming soon!

This week I am really hoping the snow stays away, we have a very busy week of being in several different places at once. We have a very exciting annual project starting tomorrow with an old school that we have been working with for the last 5 years. I can't wait to get back and see the students and also get to have 5 minutes relaxing on the beach between classes! Keep an eye on our instagram page as if the snow does come and I am at the beach, they might be quite pretty images. See you all next week! 

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