So, what can be said about this week! It's been a week of travelling and teaching oh and some serious adapting and rearranging! Cambridge and Cambridgeshire got away lightly with the snow, every other part of the UK got covered and covered well, so a lot of last week has had to be merged into this week. So this coming week is going to be rather full!

As you might possibly have seen StopGap dance company recently had their tour van stolen which contained their costume, set and technical equipment required for their show, The Enormous Room. This is a huge blow and has had to mean the rearrangement of many of their current tour dates. Attached is a link to their crowd funding page if you are able to support their efforts in getting the tour back on the road, I know how incredibly gratefully any support would be received.  

Music! Haven't spoken about what I am using in a while. I found a new album about a week, its a band called Bicep, they formed back in 2009 but they have only just released there first album in 2017, the album is also called Bicep. This album works for many things, the first is regular class music, there are some really good tracks like Ayaya, Opal and Ayr. These tracks have some really different feels for different exercises from lively upbeat techno sounding tracks to slightly more soundscape tracks that work well for improvisation. There are also two tracks called Vespa and Drift, I love these tracks already, really love them, there are two pieces for different youth groups that I have begun to develop already and will be working towards summer platform shows with these tracks and a mixture of tracks I think.  

The picture! I have been working on the JSP production video to promote what the company offers and how we shot films, as I was going through all the hard drives I have, about 6, I found some images from NSCD and some of the performance processes we went through. This image is from second year, which was 7 years ago... when we were working with Riccardo Meneghini. I can't remember where in the performance this was from but that is Luke Rigg and myself. I loved the rehearsal periods we had at Northern, class in the morning then hours of creative work to develop performances. I am looking forward to getting some dancers back in the studio soon to be able to do that process again. Hopefully a call out will be out soon, so many emails about up and coming projects but so little I can say at the moment! 

Another cryptic end to the blog. I will hopefully soon, maybe by the end of March, be able to reveal some/all of the plans we have for the summer and further into the future! Next weeks blog will be a full on choreography process blog.

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